A bit of stitching and a lot of knitting…

Hi all!  I set up this blog site well over a year ago and can’t really tell you what happened to the time in between!  (The road to Damascus springs unbidden to mind!) I so wanted to blog but struggled to “put myself out there!”

I didn’t buy any RTW garments in 2015, unless I felt I couldn’t make them myself or preferred the look of RTW.  My total buy for 2015 was two longline edge to edge cardigans (could I have knit them? Possibly … but a) I really prefer the look of RTW thin knits and b) would I have managed to knit two .. probably  not!), a coat, a pair of shoes, two pairs of boots and underwear.  I was  well pleased with myself for sticking to my self imposed RTW ban.

But the thing was my wardrobe was so stuffed with clothes I didn’t really need to sew! So a year went by and only three garments were completed, and one of them ended up in the bin!

One of my successful makes was this little baptism outfit made for Daniel, one of two beautiful grandsons born in 2015.  It was a challenging make, but so worth it. 




I did some knitting, mainly for my grandsons.  This is my latest make, for five month old Thomas –


The inspiration came from a cardigan on sale in Next, and the pattern is from my late mum’s pattern stash …. 1966 meets 2016!

That’s all for now, be back soon!









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